All About Keystone Exams

By: Emma Javor

As you may know, many students in Pennsylvania are required to take the Keystone Exams in order to graduate high school. The Keystone exams are tests given at the end of the year in order to measure proficiency in Algebra I, Biology, and Literature. Here in Kennett, students take the Algebra I Keystone following the course Algebra I, the Biology Keystone following the Biology course, and the Literature Keystone following World Literature. Keystone exams take place during the week of May 15th and conclude May 23rd.

While some students may feel that studying for Keystones is not important, it is because you must pass them in order to graduate. As a student who did well on the Keystones, I recommend looking up past exams and attempting the questions. Each question provides you with an explanation of the correct answer. It also does not hurt to review past classwork. This can help you get ahead in studying for final exams, taking place two weeks after Keystones.

As most students know, the school has inflicted an alternate schedule for the weeks of Keystone Exams. This schedule has students testing from 7:40-9:55. All non-testing students with their own transportation can arrive by 9:55. Classes will continue from 9:55-2:35, with only three classes a day and no AIE. TCHS students will be dismissed at 10:58.

I wish everyone luck and their Keystone exams and please refer to the Schoology calendar for more information about the Keystone schedule.