Extracurricular Activities

The Positive Influence of Extracurricular Activities

By: Emma Javor

To begin, extracurricular activities are activities students complete outside of school work. As many of you may know, extracurricular activities are great ways to get experience in possible careers you may be interested in. They also forge social connections and provide a safe environment for students to spend time together.

For these reasons, many students join extracurricular circular activities. Fortunately, KHS offers a variety of clubs and activities that students can join. For example, students can participate in KTV or the Demon Press and gain experience working as student journalists.

Other activities, such as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Office provide students with leadership opportunities that enable them to become familiar with budgeting by saving money for class activities.

Sports are also beneficial because they allow students to work as a team and promote fitness and physical activity. They can also act as the start of a career for students who wish to do sports professionally after high school.

Some students may prefer to participate in activities outside of school. In this case, many places in Kennett hire high school students. Stop by the counseling office to learn more about possible job opportunities.

Volunteering in the community is a great way to spend your time as well. This can get some of your community service hours complete and can help you discover new passions.

Overall, participating in school activities is a great way to not only build your resume, but also gain experience in a particular career path, make new friends, and have a safe space outside of the classroom.

For more information about what extracurricular activities KHS has to offer, check out your graduation project Schoology class, your school counselor Schoology class, or the KCSD website at: https://khs.kcsd.org/school-information/activities/.