Every-Other-Weekly Good News: Mini-THON

No matter what anyone is going through, no matter the circumstances, we can see that there is some good news shining in the darkness. This week’s good news stems from an event that took place last week on February 25. Mini-THON is an event that raises awareness and fundraises money for childhood cancer. Right here at Kennett High School, we saw many different people come together to help those affected by the disease and their families. Students, clubs, teachers, and administration; all attended and donated to raise almost $50,000 towards the cause. The total amount for the event will continue to grow, as Mini-THON has two more large fundraisers in the spring. This combined effort would not be possible without what happened behind the scenes.

Club presidents Hayley Magana and Grace Pruitt ran this event along with the junior chairs, Clara Morrison and Sadie Maxwell. They gathered a committee of about 20 people to help, whom we all can thank personally for organizing and putting together this event. Without their help, this event would not have been possible. Additionally, we saw many related acts of kindness. Some of these included people outside of the club stepping in to help Mini-THON become a reality. So many people volunteered to help fundraise for childhood cancer. From decorating the library to hosting events, people helped out in all different ways. Recall how Dr. Hritz performed his original song and ran 42 miles for childhood cancer on the same day!

Everyone’s combined efforts for this event led to a successful, kindness-filled day. Without the initiative of Hayley Magana and Grace Pruitt and their rallying of the junior chairs and Humanitarian club, this wouldn’t have been possible. Due to all the volunteers, faculty, students, clubs, parents stepping up to the cause putting in all the hard work this was one of the greatest acts of kindness of this week and will support many children and their families. We thank them for their kindness and look forward to upcoming Mini-THONs.

— Chase Sangine