Social Media’s Grip on Society

Impact of Social Media on Teenagers | Negative Effects on Youth

Social media has impacted our generation in unexplainable ways. Kids are exposed to explicit content and teenagers are left mentally drained. As a whole, we are left to question how this is possible and what we can do to abate this issue.

First, we need to acknowledge a real problem: young children are on social media. Kids that do not meet the age requirements for social networks are making accounts and therefore, being introduced to mature topics. It’s more than trying to help a child mentally mature, it’s adults who don’t know when to draw the line. Remember when you would have fun with your friends on the playground, and someone took a toy you were playing with? It felt like the end of the world. Now imagine the pain of your little brother, sister, or child finding a video on social media containing graphic content. One thirty-second video can cause such trauma, confusion, and anxiety that no child should ever feel.

But, we can avoid this ginormous blunder. As a society, we are not obligated to give kids any sort of access to social media. Whether it’s blocking particular apps or not giving them a device, it all works the same. We are all in charge of protecting future generations. Giving them a clean slate is the least we can do.

Generation Z grew up with phones and the most advanced technology humanity has ever seen. It is not a surprise adolescents are ‘addicted’ to their phones; it’s the norm. For years we have been advised to be careful on social media, as it is dangerous for anyone involved. We know about stranger danger and talking to people you don’t know but in some circumstances, teens are not fully aware of the mental troubles social media can cause. Don’t get me wrong, I love being on my phone, but too much screen time can cause depression, loss of sleep, and low self-esteem. It is important to give yourself a break! Your health and happiness should come before anything else, and it should be made a priority.

Understanding the way social media affects us humans is the first step to resolving these obstacles. Proceed on social networks with caution, and know when you are risking your safety or health. Help out your fellow children with social media complications they may be facing, and we’re one step closer to healing the toxic environment created over the internet.

— Emily Gavin