Student Spotlight: Junior Class President and Vice President

Over the past two years, Britney Sedano and Abby Adelman have both been successful in their positions as class president and vice president. They ran and were elected again in their junior year, making this their third year in these positions. Here’s a little more about how they have helped their class and plan on doing so again this year.

What are your plans this year for your class?

AA: I think collectively, our main goal is to raise money for prom, to lower the cost of tickets so that it can be an event that everyone can attend. We do this through fundraising of all kinds: nights at restaurants, selling shirts, homecoming tickets, etc. We have also always had a general goal of unifying our class and making sure everyone feels included and proud to be in the class of 2023.

BS: High school can definitely be a hard time especially in our day and age, so it’s our job as class officers to try to bring everyone within our class together.

How did fundraising go during the pandemic? Were you able to raise as much money as you hoped?

AA: Yes! Even with the pandemic ruining some plans, our class did a great job by showing up and supporting us by participating in the more creative fundraisers we adopted. Selling Krispy Kreme donuts, hosting a night at La Verona, and [holding] a car wash were some of the most successful fundraisers of our year, and we were able to meet our goal.

BS: Coming up with ideas for fundraising was definitely a challenge, but fortunately we have very creative officers who were able to come up with great ideas that made our year of fundraising very successful.

Would you say that your class officers work well together?

AA: Definitely. Although certain positions have changed over the years, everyone who has become an officer cares a lot about our class, which makes working with them easy. Also, it’s always just a great group of people, and we feel very comfortable with each other.

BS: Class office is undoubtedly a huge commitment. We are constantly staying after school to work on things and meet during our lunches to plan events. I can proudly say that each officer has no problem with this, given that we want to make each and every year better and better for every student within our class.

Juniors! Have ideas or questions for your president and vice president? Let them know!

Britney Sedano (President):

Abby Adelman (Vice President):

— Lina Liu