Student Spotlight: Freshman Class President and Vice President

Friday, September 17, we got the results for the Freshman Class Election and I decided to interview the President and Vice President to see what their plans are. Meet Grecia Bedolla, the president, and Ibrahim Rana, the vice president of the Class of 2025!

What are some fundraising ideas and when are you planning on getting them done?

GB: One fundraising idea includes a car wash, which is basic in every way, but I think it’s cool!

IR: We could have a local or fast food restaurant come cook lunch at our school and figure out a way to make that into a fundraising once a month.

GB: We could also get bakers to sell cupcakes or pastries

IR: I am also getting a high demand for bringing Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks.

What are your goals for the freshman class office?

GB: I want to make the school more environmentally friendly. Something as simple as turning off the lights and opening the blinds can help the Earth. I want to team up with the Earth club to make this school better environmentally.

IR: I believe that mental health is a big thing. I want to start a mental health group called Aevidum. Aevidum means “I’ve got your back”. Over 250 schools in PA have this club and I want to add Kennett High School to the list.

How will you work well together?

GB: Once we find common grounds, working with each other won’t be as difficult.

IR: We’ll just do everything together like a team. We also have similar ideas as to improving our class

Freshmen! Have ideas or questions for your president and vice president? Let them know!

Grecia Bedolla (President):

Ibrahim Rana (Vice President):

— Lina Liu