Kennett’s Creative Community: Let’s Talk About Publishing Our Own Original Works

Lots of people have a narrative they want to tell—but many feel they don’t have the means of telling it.

There are hundreds of creative students at Kennett: reporters, writers, artists, poets, animators, painters—you name it. However, one has to wonder: how much of their work goes unseen? It can be hard for creators to find a means to place their work in the public eye.

Luckily, Kennett has numerous outlets for students to publish their creations for the rest of the high school to see. There are now clubs for both writers and artists who want to put their work out there.

To start, Farrago, Kennett’s literary magazine, has been running for over a decade and, over the years, has proudly published hundreds of poems and short stories. Submitting is as easy as emailing a document to Mrs. Wilson. The piece will be presented anonymously to the club members for discussion, analysis, and, potentially, approval. Accepted pieces are printed into a charming anthology at the end of the school year. All sorts of writing pieces can be accepted, including poems, stories, song lyrics, and more.

For students interested in the visual side of the arts, the Comic Artists’ Guild is a brand new activity devoted to supporting members in improving their art and, if they wish, developing their own comics individually or in groups. Writers who are not comfortable illustrating panels are also welcome to come and partner up with an artist to see their story come to life. Members will be able to share their works with the club as a whole for feedback and discussion. This is a chance for KHS’s artists to show off their skills through illustration and storytelling.

Of course, some students are most enthusiastic about writing informatively—whether that means following local news or arguing their opinion. Perhaps the most guaranteed way for students to have their voices published is through none other than the Demon Press, which is always looking for new writers. Writers for the paper can submit an article once every two weeks on any topic that is school-appropriate and approved. That includes trends, events, advice, and even comic book reviews if one so desires.

There is almost no limit to the opportunities as Kennett for students to share their creative works—though some of these outlets can sometimes be overlooked. Farrago, Artists’ Guild, and, of course, Demon Press are all valuable resources both for reading material and publishing opportunities.

— Quinn Hammon