Ode to Ears

Oh, Ears! I’m so sorry.

Months and months you have burdened,

And foreseeably, many more.

Balancing glasses, earbuds, earrings

And especially masks.

Restricted, entangled

Redness and sores

From the devastating straps,

That provides security of the face and mind.

Will you ever hug the sides of my head again?

Evolution of the human race.

Monkey creatures,

Protruding flaps of flesh.

What has become of our mechanical sense?

As a society, we have not trusted your wisdom.

Increasingly asking “What?” or perhaps,

“Can you say that again?”

Repetition that gets old after repeating for the third time

Maybe one day you’ll retire.

Evolve into a vestigial organ

Remain dormant like the appendix

But for now ears; let the human race improve our listening skills

And then ears, you won’t feel discomfort anymore.

— Paige Smagala