Study Tips for Students

Even though final exams won’t be happening this year, online tests and quizzes remain a prevalent issue for many students. Tests are always stressful, but the addition of online school can make it more difficult for some. If developing good study habits is something you struggle with, no worries—Demon Press has you covered! Below you will find a variety of different tips to help you become better prepared for tests and adapt to the difficulties of online learning. Some tips might work better or worse for you depending on your learning style, but hopefully, you’ll gain some new skills that can help you in this virtual format.

– Tip #1: Try Not to Multitask
It can be easier to multitask in the somewhat less structured virtual environment, however, it can make completing assignments harder. If you focus solely on one assignment at a time, it can make it easier to complete that. Focusing all of your energy into one task at a time can help you get more assignments done productively.

– Tip #2: Rewrite Your Notes
If you are someone who likes to organize and decorate your notes, but can’t seem to find enough time to write down everything during class, this tip is for you. First, write down everything from class in a rough outline-like format, so that you can pay attention while the teacher is talking but still have notes. Then, in your spare time, you can rewrite your notes, but in the decorated format that you like. This helps not just with spending class time wisely, but also with studying, as writing down things that you have learned has been proven to help you remember information.

– Tip #3: Find Online Tutorials
If one particular topic is giving you a hard time, and your teachers’ explanations aren’t helping, it could be beneficial for you to go online and try to find videos about that subject. There are thousands of online tutorials for different topics, and though they might not be the exact way you are being taught the material, the new explanation can give you a fresh perspective. There are countless resources for a multitude of different topics, but some of the most common online resources are Khan Academy and Crash Course.

– Tip #4: Set Goals for Each Study Session
If you are simply going in blind each time you study, it can become difficult to stay focused or feel motivated. If you set measurable goals for what you want to achieve with each study session, it can be easier to be productive during your study sessions.

— Blake Ciresa