Will Covid Affect Spring Sports?

With many students going back to school using Kennett’s hybrid system, it might be hard to jump back into sports after being home for so long. That’s why I talked with Coach Gottstein, the varsity softball coach, about what the upcoming season might look like.

“I can definitely see the season happening,” Gottstein said, “especially with the vaccine coming out very soon to our coaching staff and teachers within the district.” She also pointed out that all players and coaches will be wearing masks during practices and games, and that luckily softball is a socially distanced sport.

You may also be wondering about how we will be able to celebrate wins with the team if we are social distancing. “Elbow bumps, air fives,” Gottstein said. “Our players are pretty silly, so I am sure they will come up with some goofy ways to celebrate big plays.”

Huddles are also a big part of being a team, but unfortunately, they will have to be distanced as well. “I have a loud voice, the girls on the team can always hear Coach from afar!” she added.

In regards to friends and family wanting to attend the games, the jury is still out on how many spectators are invited. “That is a decision for the district to make.” The stands and outfield area have plenty of room to sit, distance, and enjoy the game.

Since spring sports are mostly outdoors and the vaccine is still rolling out, things may start to look up for our spring sports teams.

— Sierra Tellman