World News Report: COVID Vaccination Distribution

It has been over a year since the first recorded case of the Covid-19 virus. The new vaccines are now providing hope to many people throughout the world. Many countries, however, have been struggling to distribute vaccines.

In the European Union, vaccination numbers are much lower compared to the United States. The slow rate of vaccination could be caused by factory delays and poor planning on release dates. France is struggling to keep up with the infection rate of 20,000 people per day, though current French president Emmanuel Marcon is against going into a nationwide lockdown. Similar to other world leaders, the he is concerned that another lockdown would have a negative impact on the economy.

Israel currently leads the world in vaccine distribution, but a vast disparity between those who have the vaccine ready and those who cannot afford to distribute the vaccine is apparent.

For more details on the current state of vaccine distribution, here is a video produced by Thomas Linderman and Lucas Piotrowski.