Emotional Support Animals

Have you ever wondered why animals just instantly lift your mood? There have been many studies done to prove that animals such as your dog, cat, or maybe even your goldfish can act as a companion during these difficult times. Anxiety and depression have become very common among teens and adults so having a furry friend has helped many people feel more connected and not as alone as they used to be.

Avon Grove Charter, a neighboring choice school just about 15 minutes away from Kennett, has partnered with a very cool program called PAWS for People. This company brings dogs to the school during professional development inservice days and handlers circulate around the building with a group of dogs. Teachers can stop for a moment and pet the animals, which sounds like a fun distraction. AGCS is only allowing the program to come on Wednesdays when there are no students on campus, but they could be looking to expand it to students some time in the near future. I think this idea is very unique, and it helps a lot of people look forward to a break. It would be awesome if Kennett looked into this program too!

Even many covid patients have liked just being in the presence of a dog. They have said it has made them feel more calm and just overall eased the tension of everything happening around them. Animals always have a very soothing vibe; approaching a dog and petting it can release many happy emotions and positive chemicals in the brain. Working from home has also made it easier to build a relationship with your pet. Just a few minutes of cuddling or going on a walk can assist in freeing those negative thoughts and feelings that have been building up. It may sound ridiculous, but talking out loud to your pet can also benefit you. If you talk out loud, you are not suppressing those moments of anger and sadness. Your pet doesn’t necessarily understand what you are saying, but they will be there to comfort you because they won’t judge you.

Overall, pets are a great thing to have, and they are very loving creatures. If your social battery runs out, a pet will always be there to cheer you up in a time of need.

— Sierra Tellman