How to Feel More Connected During Covid

It is safe to say that we all have felt detached from the world around us over the last 10 months since Covid began. It can be very hard to stay in touch with our friends, family, teachers, etc.—almost like every day is the same continuous cycle. You are not alone. We are all experiencing this pandemic for the first time together, so whatever you’re going through right now, you are not the only one feeling that way. That emotion of “time is going by so fast” is not uncommon, and I hope you can find ways to stay more connected through this article.

First off, we are all on our devices every single day. Going to school and teaching from home, isolated, is not a pleasant thing to have to endure. After you are done with your remote work for the day, it’s easy to just want to go watch Netflix or scroll through social media. However, I have found it helpful to try to get engaged in more activities that benefit your mind. When you are on social media, you’re immediately comparing yourself to everyone else whether you notice it or not. That’s not fun. One thing I have started doing is yoga. Stretching and working out can release that tension and anxiety you have been holding onto all day. Another helpful thing is getting outdoors. Take your dog for a walk or just walk around your neighborhood by yourself and enjoy the present moment. Or, you could find a new book series to get wrapped up into. Our library has a lot of selections to choose from, or you could order a book online. A lot of people say that they aren’t readers, but once they find a genre that interests them, it’s easy to change your mindset.

Secondly, a lot of us tend to stress about the future weeks to come. Obsessing over what could happen is pointless, and it will save you a lot of energy if you try to concentrate on the ‘now’. Write down your goals for the day and check them off as you get them done. That will help you feel more motivated and proud of yourself once you have completed what you need to do. Just take it day by day, and I can assure you that it will make you feel more accomplished and in control of yourself. Journaling is something that could also help. It sounds silly at first, but once you get into the habit of writing about your day or things that are on your mind, it will help with organizing your thoughts so it’s not so overwhelming. There are so many things going on constantly, and getting inside your own head can be very frustrating.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. We all have days where we just want to lay in bed and do nothing, and that is perfectly okay. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect because we are human and humans are meant to make mistakes. It may be hard to start incorporating these kinds of activities into your daily routine, but once you start, the habit will get easier. Don’t forget that there are always people here to help you and talk to you as well. None of us has ever had to deal with something like this before, so give yourself some leeway and be proud of how much you have grown!

— Sierra Tellman