Marching Band Season: Fall 2020

The Covid crisis continues to impact our community and school. Facing a challenging season, the KHS Marching Band had to adapt.

This year, the marching band worked in groups and stayed at least six feet apart during their practices.

Despite these limitations, the students still had a memorable and meaningful season. Marching band members have said they still had “a lot of fun” and recognized that “the core part of band is doing [their] show and getting to create something amazing with [their] friends”.

This year’s show, British Invasion, included British rock hits like “Pinball Wizard”, “Don’t Stop me Now”, and “Hey Jude”.

In describing this season, assistant band director Mr. Whisler commented, “…Compared to other years, I would see this year as very different, but also extremely rewarding.”

Band director Mr. Romano gave a shout out to marching band members, staff, and the parents who, through their determination and resilience, made this season possible.

Check out the video for more on the Marching Band!

— Paulien Donnelly